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On behalf of more than 15 police unions throughout Europe, I would like to welcome you to the website of the European Police Union (EPU). The EPU is an independent police union in Europe serving the interests of in excess of 800,000 police officers each and every day. Police officers who practice their risky profession on a daily basis so as to ensure safety and security for all of the citizens of Europe. Order, peace and security are essential for living and working in Europe. The police unions affiliated with the EPU are dedicated to both the intrinsic policing profession and the employment conditions and relations. We do this by working together at local, national and European level. The EPU is characterized by amicable cooperation on the basis of equality. In addition to influencing European Parliament, the European Commission and European government, our trade union work entails supporting our colleagues, e.g. educating and training executives from the affiliated trade unions and fostering Social Dialogue. In this regard, national culture and customs are primary. Thus in recent years we have achieved plenty of engaging results, more on which can be found on this website or on the sites of the affiliated police unions. To date, this has given more and more police unions in Europe cause to join forces with us. Thus the strength of the EPU lies in performing trade union work for and with one another with the aim of striving towards a high-quality, social living environment for our members and a safe and secure Europe for the citizens. On behalf of the affiliated police unions I would like to invite you to join us in striving towards this goal or to support us in doing so.

 Yours fraternally

Gerrit van de Kamp

Shortcomings in European admission policy for refugees 

There are serious shortcomings in European admission policy for refugees. Police forces in the Netherlands, Germany and the Balkan countries are under-staffed and under-equipped to process and screen large flows of refugees

The collective of police trade unions united within the European Police Union (EPU) calls upon the European institutions (the European Parliament and the European Commission) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to fulfil their responsibility to scale up the work quality (job content, employment conditions, terms of employment, employment relationships) of police officers in Europe to an acceptable Level. Attached you will find the full EPU statement on Police protection in a century of radical changes.

Answer from the European Commission
Letter from the Office of the President Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker
renditionDownload.pdf (30.41KB)
Answer from the European Commission
Letter from the Office of the President Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker

Gerrit van de Kamp, President of EPU writes a letter to Valdis Dombrovkis, Vice-president of the European Commission

EPU supports Serbian Police and Army for protection of the social dialogue

EPU wishes Police and Army success in the protest for better working conditions. Please read the Support letter below




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European Police Union's (EPU) proposed minimum standards for all (!) police officers in patrol Equipment

EPU supports Bulgarian Police Trade Union TUFEMI

Letter of Support - TUFEMI
04.07.17 letter of support TUFEMI 5 July 2017.pdf (512.67KB)
Letter of Support - TUFEMI
04.07.17 letter of support TUFEMI 5 July 2017.pdf

European’s Police Union’s (EPU) proposed minimumstandards and the equipment for the police patrol & traffic control cars for all (!) police organizations across Europe.

Minimum Standards for Maximal Security
minimum_standards.pdf (95.13KB)
Minimum Standards for Maximal Security